• TheCoreyyDarnell

    Time for a Break

    February 4, 2012 by TheCoreyyDarnell

    — Reed Wiki Newsletter — 2/3/12

    The Reed Wiki is not doing so well. Nobody gets on it. There has been absolutely NO word on either of the 2 shows. Since everything needed to be done is done, I'll be taking a break from this wiki. Sorry guys, the wiki is in good condition to say it goes cold for weeks at a time. I'll be away until word comes in about the state of the show. Stay beautiful guys! Goodbye :(

    —TheCoreyyDarnell, administration

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  • TheCoreyyDarnell

    Latest News

    January 19, 2012 by TheCoreyyDarnell

    — Reed Wiki Newsletter — 1/19/12

    Hi! Well, I want to wish you an extremely late Happy New Year! Well, the Reed Wiki is doing pretty well. I went on a break for a little while back in December, and I just returned on the 2nd. I had some other projects over at a few other wikis, and I just updated the wiki. I would also like to announce 2 new users: Imma Jerk and Ymcmb who came to the wiki just before Christmas. Well, there has been a spin-off confirmed, but no word on the position of Reed since the finale. If you need me, just contact me on my talk page!

    TheCoreyyDarnell, administration

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  • TheCoreyyDarnell

    More Advertising

    December 15, 2011 by TheCoreyyDarnell

    Reed Wiki Newsletter 12-15-11

    The Reed Wiki needs more people on it! I think we need a spotlight. I think our leader KataraFan should recommend us for one! OK, we also need to keep the wiki up-to-date as well. I'll have more newsletters made weekly, so watch out for them!

    -TheCoreyyDarnell, administration

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